10 Things We All Hate About The Biggest Marijuana Busts In U.S History

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Rhode Island has a few of the loosest cannabis laws in the country, however you avoid problem just when you have a little bit. Authorities seized 46 pounds of pot and $300,000 in money in 2014 during a big bust in the smallest state in America.

The DEA assisted with among Edmonton's biggest drug busts.|Jacek Sopotnicki/iStock/Getty Images

We understand what you're thinking-- Canada isn't the United States, so how come it shows up on our countdown? Well, the Drug Enforcement Firm helped the Edmonton cops force as it made its biggest cash seizure to that point.

U.S. Border Patrol representatives in San Diego took nearly $1 million in drugs.|Frederic J. Brown/AFP/Getty Images

Drug smuggling understands no age, and this August 2018 bust is proof. Border representatives in San Diego jailed an 81-year old lady after they found 34 heroin plans weighing 92 pounds. They approximated the drugs to be worth a minimum of $870,000 on the street.

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14. $1 million, San Luis, Ariz

. Arizona has some of the most significant drug busts in the U.S

. You can call this one the mole-man drug bust, in a sense. Authorities found more than 300 pounds of drugs worth $1 million during a traffic stop in southwestern Arizona. Then, authorities discovered how the suspect got all those drugs-- through a 600-foot tunnel that crossed the border to Mexico.

13. $2 million, Gwinnett County, Ga.

traffic stop drug bust

A Georgia traffic stop resulted in a $2 million drug bust.|John Moore/Getty Images

Another 2018 haul is among the most significant drug busts in U.S. history. The Georgia State Patrol pulled over an automobile which contained drugs. That led authorities to a house in Lawrenceville, Georgia, where they seized $2 million worth of heroin as well as methamphetamines, a stockpile of money, and an AK-47.

12. $3 million, Baldwin County, Ala

. Invite to Alabama roadway sign on US-84 near Gordon

authorities snatched a father-son drug-smuggling duo.|iStock.com/ miroslav_1.

Drug smuggling isn't a very wholesome dad and son activity, but here we are. One of the greatest drug busts Alabama's ever seen included a father and his 15-year old child towing 115 pounds of crystal meth worth $3 million through Baldwin County.

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11. $6 million, Atlanta.

Authorities in Atlanta seized $6 The Biggest Marijuana Busts In U.S History million in heroin in 2012.|John Moore/Getty Images.

One of the most significant drug busts ever in Atlanta happened in 2012, and it remains among the biggest in U.S. history. Federal representatives caught two guys with 86 pounds of heroin, which was worth roughly $6 million at the time. If you aspect in the 2 pounds of methamphetamines, cash, and guns, the DEA bst was most likely closer to $7 million.

10. $8 million, New York City.

Travelers taking an image of the statue of liberty.

In the world of drug enforcement, it pays to be patient. A DEA monitoring operation tracked two males, which led authorities to a Bronx home with $8 million worth of heroin and other drug stuff inside. That's a big bust in a huge city, however it's far from being one of the biggest drug busts in U.S. history.

Authorities in California snatched $18 million in meth in 2014.|William West/AFP/Getty Images.

One California raid in 2014 stays one of the greatest drug busts the U.S. has ever seen. Authorities seized nearly 500 pounds of methamphetamines worth approximately $18 million. Authorities jailed 22 people and taken more than $700,000 in money along with the drugs.

A Nebraska drug bust prevented countless deadly fentanyl dosages from striking the street.|Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images.

Nebraska might not be among the states with the most opioid abuse, but obviously, it's a method station along the path to those places. Throughout a routine traffic stop near Kearney, Neb., state cannon fodders discovered 118 pounds of fentanyl, which suffices to eliminate 26 million individuals when you think about two milligrams is a possibly fatal dose.

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7. $24 million, Miami Lakes, Fla

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